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I am a climate science researcher with a background in mechanical engineering. I find happiness and peace in observing the mother nature. I have been working with climate models to explain the science behind various climate processes. Keep visiting my blog for more techical posts related to the mother earth and latest updates in green technology sector. Happy reading!

PS: I am also a freelance technology analyst/digital nomad with 5+ years of experience. I have been working with various global teams on Technical Landscape Reports, Business Intelligence & Technology Portfolios, Patent Analytics, Research Support Service for major industry players (Fortune 500). You can contact me for following services:

  • Technology scouting and analysis for any technical domain.
  • Patent analytics (patentability, freedom to operate, infringement search, technology landscape reports).
  • Business intellingence and market research.
  • Product reviews related to green technology domain.
  • Curriculum/short presentation development related to the atmospheric science and renewable energy.

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You can contact me via E-mail as well: contact@theliveplanet.com / climate.ashutosh@gmail.com.

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